“The Bishop is (still) Coming” – Annual Visit and Potluck on Sunday, June 23

The special liturgy and Feast of Friends is rapidly approaching when our Bishop José McLoughlin will be with us for his annual visitation to St. Thomas on Sunday, June 23.

Please invite your friends and remember this is a POTLUCK Feast of Friends date.

This Sunday, we’ll talk about this significant day in the life of the St. Thomas Community. Our priest will engage everyone in reflecting on what we want to share with our beloved Bishop.

We also have some modest cleanup needed on our church grounds. Mike Reif invites us to join him and Nancy McKinnie on Saturday morning, June 15 from 8am-4pm to tidy things up so we’ll be looking good when the Bishop arrives.

We our Bishop visits, we always pull out all the stops liturgically and musically, giving him an opportunity to experience the fullness of our life together.

WRITTEN BY: Beth Turner