“Shining Our Light” Continues – Highlighting Service and Community Partners

We continue to remember that how we share our time, talents, and treasure impacts how bright God’s light will become within and beyond our church walls.


If you have not already done so, the Vestry, our parish leadership, asks that all please take the step to turn in a pledge card. Each of us is called to let God’s light shine through our work, through our friendships, our service, and our giving. Our 100% participation signals to our Bishop that we are actively shining our light in Yancey County and in the diocesan community, helping us secure grant awards in support of our facility needs and Abbey partners.


*Cards are available on the table at the back of the church, so they may be filled out on Sunday.


Here’s the inspiring line up for the this Sunday and next:


November 3, All Saints Sunday & Information about Volunteer Opportunities at St. Thomas: In addition to celebrating our beloved saints, we will hear stories that urge each of us (All Saints) to participate more fully in our community of faith. Volunteers will host information tables during Feast of Friends about opportunities to serve in various roles in our liturgy and preparation for liturgy.


Sunday, November 10 – Compassionate, Effective Action in our Community: Our formal Season of Commitment concludes with inspiring stories from several of our Abbey initiative community partners who count on our support. Our impact in the wider world is great and we are filled with thanksgiving! Also on this day, our parish treasurer, Phillip Smelser, will speak about some unique avenues for supporting our ministry budget.

WRITTEN BY: Beth Turner