Porch Liturgies are Here – An Invitation from Your Priest

Dear Beloved St. Thomas People:

Please enjoy today’s Care Package created especially for you. In addition, I want to alert you to a new opportunity for prayer and the joy of personal connection in the form of the “Porch Liturgies.”

In these settings, I visit small groups of you who live in the general neighborhood of one another to share a specially crafted form of Episcopal-style prayer and storytelling. Beforehand, I will send a few simple public health guidelines. Once I arrive, we sit down together as friends on your porch or lawn. So far, a number of you seem to find this experience meaningful. I know I do! It’s been a gift to get to know our members and friends in a more intimate setting that Sunday mornings typically provide.

I’ll be reaching out to you – and please also reach out to me if you have an idea about setting up a “Porch Liturgy” in your neighborhood. It is a blessing indeed to share the concerns of our hearts and the grace-filled ways we are each finding resilience in the midst of the hard things.


WRITTEN BY: Beth Turner