Music Corner – Listening for the Sacred, Pentecost Sunday

The Feast of Pentecost is a high holy day in Christian tradition on which we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to be with us always as Comforter and Guide. This day is considered to be the birthday of the Church.


Today’s Prelude is “Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart.” Ann Hoyt, our accompanist this week shares a meaningful story about this selection:


When I was in High School Chorus, our director taught us this hymn in four-part harmony on the first day of class. Every day following, when we entered the chorus room, putting away our books and getting out our chorus folders, when the bell rang, it was my job as accompanist, to give the four pitches. The room suddenly became filled with us humming it through once and then singing the first verse until we all were in our places ready to work. So this tune has always been a favorite of mine and Sunday’s arrangement that is hauntingly beautiful.


The Offertory is entitled “Spirit of Joy.”


The Communion Meditation is based on the hymn “Holy Spirit, Truth Divine” (text by Samuel Longfellow, 1819-1892). Here are some of the words:


Holy Spirit, truth divine, dawn upon this soul of mine;

Word of God and inward light, wake my spirit, clear my sight.                         

Holy Spirit, love divine, glow within this heart of mine;

Kindle ev’ry high desire; purge me with your holy fire.


WRITTEN BY: Beth Turner