February 14 – Ash Wednesday Liturgies

Liturgies at Noon and 5:30pm

We should remember that Lent is not so much about giving up things – chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, or social media. Most important, during Lent, we take an honest, insightful look at our truest selves. We reflect on what we hold onto that holds us back from becoming who God created us to be, as individuals, as a community. Let’s take a courageous look inside that causes us to recognize there is much we do not truly need. We recognize what is the center of the center of the center. We recognize what, in truth, gives and sustains life. This is how we prepare for the new life of Easter.

The Strategic Monk says, “Mardi Gras is the day we open our tightly gripping fingers and let go. We assert our freedom from these habits and things. We lift what we do not need and toss it aside.”

At St. Thomas, we will do that at our February 10, Saturday night Mardi Gras Celebration as we enjoy one another and practice some playful letting go!

And then – please join us on Ash Wednesday, February 14 as we begin a new liturgical season. Whatever holds us back from the Sacred is dust and ash. At noon and 5:30pm and again during the 10:30am liturgy on Sunday, February 18, we say out loud that any obstacle, any burden in our way is ash and dust. To make sure we remember, place ashes on our foreheads and, symbolically, inside, on our hearts.

WRITTEN BY: Aimee Tomcho