Consider: Are you called to servant leadership on the Parish Vestry?

Vestry members are the elected representatives of the members of St. Thomas Church.  Together with the Rector, the Vestry exercises spiritual leadership of the parish, keeping the vision, describing the mission, and inviting the congregation into ministry. The Vestry’s focus is always on the Mission of St. Thomas:


We are an open community  

following Jesus’ call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, 

and embrace the stranger among us, seeing the image of God in all. 

Here. Now.


The work of the Vestry is grounded in love and worship of our Creator, and in an active commitment to Christian service. The Vestry also stewards our church finances and property, approves the annual ministry budget, and provides for maintenance of our building and grounds.


Formally, a Vestry member is required to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church and a communicant in good standing of our parish. What we look for at St. Thomas is a person with a desire and calling to serve; a willingness to learn, listen, and to grow as a healthy and spiritually mature leader; and a spirited commitment to the mission of St. Thomas.


There are specific qualifications, commitments, and responsibilities set forth by the policies of the Episcopal Church and our parish bylaws. A packet of documents describing these guidelines set forth by the polity of the Episcopal Church is available on the back table of the sanctuary.


Our senior warden, Lee Sease, and priest, Beth, are happy to answer any questions you may have, should you feel led by the Spirit to consider this significant leadership role.

WRITTEN BY: Beth Turner