Program to help parents of pre-school age children make learning math fun.

Convention of the Diocese of Western NC

This Friday and Saturday, November 9 and 10, the annual Convention of the Diocese of Western NC  meets at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville. Nancy Fitzgibbons, Patti Smith, and Beth Turner, our priest, will represent St. Thomas as voting delegates. Our Bishop José McLoughlin presides over the Diocesan Convention, which is the ultimate organizational decision-making body comprised of clergy and lay members. The Convention approves the Diocesan budget (based on…Keep Reading

Ranger Presents “Bear Aware” Program at St. Thomas

  Mount Mitchell State Park Ranger, Daniel Jackson, presents “Bear Aware,” Friday November 16th at 1:00pm at St. Thomas. This hour-long program covers information from bear behavior and habitats to hunting regulations and safety tips. There is no charge for this program.

Join us for Community Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Thomas on November 22

It’s that time of year again – THANKSGIVING!   In 2016, we started a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with our community in an event affectionately called “Thanksgiving for the Bewildered”!!!   If you are interested in sharing in a really low-key Thanksgiving feast with family, friends and members of St. Thomas, please let Patti Smith know, or sign the signup sheet on Sunday. We host an organized potluck feast…Keep Reading

Indies at the Abbey presents the film “All Saints” – This Friday, November 2 at 6:30pm

On Friday, November 2, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. Indies at the Abbey will present the film, “All Saints.” This second film in its fall series is based on a true story about salesman-turned-preist, Michael Spurlock. Spurlock (portrayed by John Corbett) is assigned to a tiny Episcopal church in Smyrna, Tennessee and ordered, by the diocese, to prepare the church for its impending sale. Spurlock attempts to save the church by…Keep Reading

Sunday, November 4 – Feast of All Saints

The Feast of All Saints is a very special liturgy of the Christian Year. As a part of our celebration of saints, past and present, you are invited to provide us with the name(s) of “saints” (loved ones, family members, friends, mentors, etc.), either living now or in eternal life, who have made a difference or been a spiritual inspiration in your lives. You are also welcome to send the…Keep Reading

This Week’s Item for Reconciliation Food Pantry – Peanut Butter

The Abbey Initiative Hosts Resiliency Training for Our School System

This past week, 40 “resiliency champions” aka teachers and counselors from Yancey and Mitchell County Schools gathered for the third training in a set of tools used for self-care of educators and for helping kids cope with the symptoms of high stress and trauma in support of their learning at school and thriving in life. The Asheville-based non-profit RESOURCES FOR RESILIENCE (RFR) is one of St. Thomas’ Abbey Partners, collaborating…Keep Reading

Giving Thanks for Leaders in a Mentoring Movement to Support Future Physicians

Last Sunday, October 14 was an amazing time of fellowship, learning, and a focus on the theme mentoring youth, especially young people interested in the medical profession. Pictured here: Dr. Mike Reif, St. Thomas member who is spearheading our connection to The Elizabeth Program, a strategy for underserved areas like ours that promotes accessible, high quality healthcare by means of mentoring young people to realize their calling to serve their own…Keep Reading

Mentoring for Medicine – Sunday, October 14, Introducing the Elizabeth Program

Dr. Mike Reif, retired physician and member of St. Thomas Church, is spearheading our connection to The Elizabeth Program, a strategy for underserved areas like ours that promotes accessible, high quality healthcare by means of mentoring young people to realize their calling to serve their own communities in the field of medicine. Dr. Larry Newton and the Rev. Marty McCarthy will be present for our liturgy on October 14 at…Keep Reading

Cate Ferreira Steps in as New Parish Administrator

Cate Ferreira, MBA, a member of St. Thomas, has been retained as our new parish administrator, serving one day a week on Fridays in the church office.   Cate is currently the office manager at Mount Mitchell Park and teaches online classes with the Pittsburgh Institute of Art in the areas of hospitality, business, and entrepreneurship. For some time, the Vestry and wider community have benefitted from Cate’s skills in…Keep Reading

Potluck Feast and Festive Liturgy Celebrate a Generous St. Thomas Community

The Vestry has set Sunday, October 21 as a day of celebration of our annual fall season of commitment – Committing Our Gifts TOGETHER Growing Our Ministries. Thank you to all who have turned in their pledge cards! We would like to report to our Bishop that we have 100% participation by the St. Thomas community. If your pledge card is still outstanding, please support our service of gratitude by…Keep Reading